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We strive to succeed through our commitment to excellence with product innovation and superior quality in the field of poultry farming.

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At Al Ajban Poultry, our eggs are incubated and hatched in a sanitized environment at one of our hatcheries.
Quality Assurance
Since our launch in 1981, we have always aimed to provide high-quality and safe poultry products that taste great. We achieve this with the support of our teams (from the farms to our points of sales), who monitor, verify, and test the products.

The quality department is accountable for monitoring all control points throughout the production process from the live birds receiving stage, passing by the different broiler transformations phases (in both primary and further processing departments), to the ultimate stages where we get a final product. In addition to the production monitoring tasks, we are responsible for controlling many parameters related to pre requisite programs, including cleaning, cold storage, distribution, and water treatment.

The quality and laboratory departments must maintain a high level of coordination, as they form the scientific brain that should work in harmony with many sectors, so that every plan would be perfectly applied, and all data correctly interpreted.

In 2014 we became the first UAE poultry company to get the Halal, HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 certification. This is an international food safety standard issued by the International Standardization and Codex Alimentarius. The ISO certification is testament to the exemplary level of quality and safety at Al Ajban Chicken.
HACCP & ISO 22000
HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 is an international system for food safety management, created to be applied to the food chain. This system ensures that a product is free from all biological, chemical or physical hazards. HACCP & ISO 22000 are divided into two principal parts: managerial and practical.

The management requirements define the company's food safety policy, required skills, product / document control, food safety team, responsibilities and authorities, the plans for improvement etc. the practical requirements are defined by the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which includes the hazard analysis, the setting of the critical control points, their monitoring, and the corrective actions (if necessary).

The basic key elements of the food safety management system are:
  • - Interactive Communication
  • - System Management
  • - Prerequisite programs
  • - HACCP Principles

The implementation of the food safety management system empowers us with the means to:
- Demonstrate compliance with statutory/regulatory food safety requirements
- Provide healthy and safe products to consumers
- Evaluate and assess customers' requirements and enhance consumer satisfaction
- Improve internal and external communication
- Improve the living conditions of all beneficiaries
- Remain competitive and successfully meet the market's needs
Food Safety
Al Ajban Chicken's comprehensive "Farm-to-Fork" food safety approach is an industry-leading programme that includes documented and audited practices covering every aspect of live production and processing. This programme is in addition to our strict adherence to all government regulations. We use state-of-the-art chilling systems that preserve the highest levels of hygiene. The clean air chilling technology allows for shorter chilling times and uniform and frost-free chilling.
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